Rick is as Rick does.

Rick is a state of trance mind.

Ricking is an action, a process.

People are predisposed to rickdom. Seldom can one simply “become rick”

It’s a colloquialism for people who sacrifice much of their life to do outdoor shit very uncoordinatedly, aka us and all our friends

Or just generally are very enthusiastic but typically not well prepared or cautious.

Ever carry a lot of useless crap because it would be fun? That might be rick.

Ever go through the short way, through a bunch of bushes and trees, because you didn’t want to go the easy, yet longer, way? That might be rick.

Ever ski down a dirt trail because it would be easier than walking? That might be rick.

Found yourself exceptionally jubilant and loud when everybody else is excessively serious? Could be rick.

Ever go down a volcano naked because that’s the most obvious thing to do? That’s pretty rick.

Decide to go around the “closed” gate because to hell with that? Might be rick.

Fabricate a KTM license plate holder for a BMW? Kind of rick.

We’ll bring you more rickisms.