Friendship is Magic

Born as a millennial to two white African Americans in Santa Cruz CA, I have always had an affinity for My Little Pony. Studied Mechanical Engineering at Seattle University (I really wanted to meet other bronies like me). My mother always said “when you move out of the house then you can buy a motorcycle, but not before then”. My father aways said “Friendship is Magic”. After graduating college, and going through the usual post college angst, I finally said “Bronies 4 Lyfe, ovbs” and bought a Honda XR650L. One summer’s evening after watching a lot of MLP (not Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures dammit) I found myself thinking that traveling through the world, doing stupid things with my friends seemed like a good time. After a few years of intense saving, I eventually saved enough cash to pull it off. I planned on doing it alone (it is difficult to convince people to drop everything to go motorcycling for extended periods of time) but I eventually managed to convince some of the “Ricks” the friendship really is magic.

My interests include MLP (My Little Pony for those non-Bronies out there) as well as intense running competitions. I am very proud of the 5k ‘fun run’ I recently participated in. My goal is to make it up to a grueling 13.1 ‘half marathon’ within 5 years of returning to Washington. I know this might be too big of a step up, but I am constantly inspired by all the brave runners out there who give it there all to attempt to conquer such a hardcore distance.

My expectations probably wont meet reality

Bronies 4 Lyfe

P.S. See definition of “Ricks” here

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