Dear Mom,

After some hard times recently, I have fallen in with a group of undesirables. They call themselves the “Ricks” but most people refer to them as “immoral” or “uncouth”. As hard as I try to maintain my virtue as you taught me, I can feel their debaucherous ways and trance ‘music’ corrupting my soul.

It seems every weekend now we head off on another ill-advised adventure, seeking new ways to torture body and mind, usually far from civilization. Despite typically failing to achieve our quixotic goals, most nights turn into marathons of degeneracy: It is almost as if we celebrating our deficiency of sense.

As I have watched members of our group abandon civilized life in search of a greater glory, all these activities have awoken an evil deamon deep withen. Some nights I can feel it’s unholy energy emanating from inside me, urging me to acts of increasing lunacy.

Time has brought nothing but an increase in these symptoms. I feel I must act quickly and decisively. My plan is to shed the temptations and distractions of routine life and purify myself in a clean and simple existence on the road.

Will I find transcendence above these temporal vices? Or will this site be a chronicle of my final descent into madness…