Returning to Familiar Civilization – Greece


After traversing through the relative wildness of the northern/central Balkan countries, Kit and Kyle finally crossed back into “Europe”

Greece Border
We felt warmer already

No ice to be found here, or slippery pavement, or narrow roads, or incoming storms, it was paradise on a motorcycle once again.

Western Greece Coast

Always looking to save money, and to finally use our camping gear once again after a lot of hotels, we found the closest quiet pulloff and set up camp. To our dismay as we enjoyed some quick dinner, rain clouds quickly built over us and showered us significantly. This was to be our final camp of the first half of the trip.

Olive Grove Camp
Camping in cow shit again

The scenery continued similarly for the next three quarters of the day on our way to Patras, not a lot to comment on but very beautiful.

Greece Coastline


Unfortunately, with the Rick’s already feeling the itch of the incoming ski season, Kit’s fuel pump decided to crap out. After getting a free tow to the nearest gas station, we proceeded to make an enormous gear explosion into the far end of their parking lot.

Stuck in Gas Station
“I have become a nuisance to society”

The trouble became double when reinstalling the spare fuel pump carried by Kit. The aftermarket model was made of poor quality plastic, and the flange the fuel tube attached to broke off while tightening it. Now the Ricks moved from a quick repair solution, to a long, drawn out tow to the nearest big city.

For a second however the Ricks were blessed by a random German biker, stopping by for a chat and seeing our massive gear explosion, offered a bit of his epoxy!

Germans saving the day
Thanks random German biker guy!

With the flange reglued, and 1-2 hours of drying time (with the evenings rainclouds fast approaching once again), the gear explosion was packed up and the bike excitingly put back together. With our spirits lifted we rode off into the night across the channel to Patras.

Unfortunately Kit’s success was not to be, with Kits motorcycle running horribly wrong (most likely an issue with something clogging the fuel hose) the Ricks barely putted a quarter of a mile onto a ferry, because it was believed that if they tried to take the bridge they would be run over by overtaking traffic.

The evenings rainstorm further dampened their spirits.

Riding the ferry to Patras

Plan B

Putting another quarter mile off the ferry into the hotel for the night, Kyle bought kit a few beers to drown his sorrow and the two fell asleep to the sounds of an incredibly strong windstorm ripping through the channel.

New day in Patras
New day, new opportunities?

Unfortunately it was not to be, Kits motorcycle was still running at 5%, and the prospect of spending a week in Athens seemed a lot more attractive than Patras. So instead of paying EUR 500 for a 120km tow, we busted out the rope and got on the interstate.

Freeway Tow
If anyone was curious what the definition of “Ricking it” is, this would be it

Unfortunately this grand idea was foiled rather quickly, and the first toll booth that was encountered immediately ushered us off the road for a free tow off the motorway (huh, who would have thought)

Kit Tow Truck
Not ricking it…

After asking for a quote for a tow to Athens, and recieving a price much too high, the rope was brought out a second time and Kit and Kyle stuck to B routes instead.

The sun set as they rode along (only one under power of course), along a beautiful road into the Ancient City of Athens.

Sunset over Athens
Between Athens and Corinth

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