Are you tired of having a reliable fuel system on your motorcycle?
Does the idea of changing your fuel filters every 2000 miles excite you?
You fuel pump every 10000 miles?
All while in a remote area where shipping spares takes weeks longer than it should?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these questions, I have the perfect solution for you:
A ‘modern’ KTM fuel injection system!

Gone are the days when we would have to go out of our way to clog carburetor jets with dirty gasoline. The future is here: KTM fuel injection eats itself apart from the inside… even when you only put in clean gas!

Stuck in Gas Station
Let unexpected failures of your fuel injection leave you stranded at remote service stations hours or even days longer than you ever thought possible!

I know there are many reliable, proven fueling systems in use around the world today. But let me give you some reasons why using a KTM fuel injection system can take your next RTW trip from going smoothly to becoming a major headache, all at the least opportune moments!

-First, spend months trying to prepare your bike and order spares. It wont matter because its just going to delay the problem!

-Now you are finally on the road, just don’t get too comfortable, who knows when your already overloaded fuel filter will fail and begin to let gunk into your delicate injector. Hope you didn’t have any plans for today because now you are stuck on the side of the road. Time to get covered in gasoline as you try to back-flush your injector in the field and limp onward.

-When you have a moment, to try to diagnose why your fuel filters clog with unidentifiable black gunk every 2000 miles (or less!). Start with the internet, they might suggest anything from bad gas (repeatedly) to algae or bacteria growing in your tanks.

-Finally you realize all the black gunk is from your fuel pump wearing out prematurely, get ready to dig deep into your motorcycle to service it. If this is all too much fun for you, consider relocating your fuel filter outside the tank to keep an eye on it without having to spend 2 hours disassembling the bike and covering yourself and everything around you in gasoline just to have a peek at how quickly it is getting clogged.

Germans saving the day
You too can take the opportunity to disassemble your bike in random gas stations!

-Now that the pump has completely failed, get your spare ready to throw in. If you are lucky, you were like me and purchased an aftermarket pump because the OEM assembly is ridiculously marked up. One nice feature of the aftermarket pump is that it uses cheap plastic that breaks when you try to reinstall it.

-Here is where the fun really begins! Begin by searching in vain for a local store selling epoxy so you can attempt to temporarily fix the problem. If you are in Greece this will be great since everyone goes home from work at least an hour before their published closing times.

-Next find the nearest random German cycling by. He has a half used tube of epoxy he can lend you. Shittily epoxy everything back together, then wait and pray as the epoxy sets and night falls. With any luck you will be able limp your bike to the nearest town in the pouring rain so that you can spend the night in an overpriced, run down hotel.

-In the morning, everything will have miraculously fixed itself! Get on the bike and head towards Athens. If you can, make reservations for that evening as if nothing else will go wrong

-Within approximately 30 minutes, everything should totally fail and the bike should not even start. This is where the KTM fuel injections system’s opportunity for true adventure begins! With no remaining options, swallow your pride and have your buddy tow you the remaining 200 km to Athens behind his functioning BMW.

Freeway Tow
What is the best aftermarket accessory for your KTM’s fuel system?
A tow rope!

-For added effect, attempt to use the less congested tollway. They should kindly pull you to the side and force you to get a tow truck to the nearest exit. Thanks Greece!

Kit Tow Truck
If you get tired of towing your inoperable bike, maybe the local toll operators will force you to get a tow.
As an added bonus, the tow truck operator can sketchily strap your bike to a platform not designed to hold it securely!

-Resume towing on back roads to Athens, preferably arriving there after sunset. This will make navigating the famously terrible traffic even more exciting! Nothing beats the fun of attempting to tow a motorcycle through one *** in the dark. Throw in some scooters attempting to drive between the bikes, not realizing they are connected, and you’re having a great time!

-In no time you will arrive at your destination and begin the long wait for replacement parts to be shipped internationally to your location. When they finally arrive, install them and head back on the road having missed the ferries you had hoped to take. Don’t get too bored sitting on your fully functioning motorcycle though, before you know it you should be going through this entire ordeal again!


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