Stuck in Santa Cruz – A Relaxing Affair

We planned on spending 7 days at My (Kyle’s) parents house after spending 5 days traveling south from Seattle. A venerable oasis for motorcycle travelers, we planned on relaxing, enjoying the pleasant central California weather, and eating food cooked with more than three implements.

Vanderstoep Garden
Definitely not preparing ourselves for the Mauritania leg whatsoever

We also used this opportunity to update the blog, due to the fact that we didn’t plan on getting much wifi in Nevada.

Fruit is cool
Yours truly diligently updating you all

We spent a few days flying coastal sites in the area and were having a grand old time when suddenly…


Kit went on a quick trip to visit our friend Jonas in San Francisco, and the fuel system issues that were plaguing his KTM returned. No longer would a simple fuel filter replacement solve the problem, as a brand new filter had clogged in less than 300 miles (previously it would require a change every 1000 miles). The first big bike issue of the trip couldn’t have happened in a better location, however we were both ready to hit the road so it was still a bit of a dissapointment.

Kits bike broke
Aw shit

Kit drained the tank to take a look at the fuel pump, as we first suspected that the brushes of the pump might have been getting blown into the lines.

Tank is up
Engaging the special KTM Rallye Mode

After removing the fuel pump, we discovered this

Drilled a hole thru filter
Previous KTM owner drilled holes in the pump for “exta flow”; typical KTM owner

Regardless of the issue at hand, Kit wanted to order a new fuel pump with a functioning prefilter, so we settled in for a little bit longer at my parents house. I took the time to complete a few more simple jobs that I hadn’t finished in Seattle.

Mesh Rad Guard
As if the BMW wasn’t Mad Max enough

And fixed the headlight mount for the fairing.

Broken fairing

Kit removed his shock to change the bearings and seals.

KTM Cooler stand
Now we can’t get at the beer…
KTM shock seal
Eventually we got the seal seated properly

The Wait

Eventually we ran out of jobs to do, and spent most of the evenings drinking wine

Kit and kyle sitting in the hot tub
“Hetero Life Mates”

The online retailer that Kit ordered from screwed up the shipping delaying us by a few more days, but eventually UPS was at our door giving us the part, and within 2 hours we were out of there, in fact we were so excited we even took a picture to commemorate the event.

Brown doing shit for us

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