A BMW Love Affair – 1

With 2 months to go before we promised everyone we were for sure leaving, I found myself in Portugal spending alternating periods of time inside of a dark aeroplane factory and on beaches such as this:

Kyle fucking off in portugal

Not much thought about leaving on a long term motorcycle trip when this photo was taken

The delight of returning home to Seattle ended immediately when the following realities confronted me upon landing:
1. Seattle traffic is still horrendous
2. My housemate/landlord/coworker wanted me out of his house very badly
3. My bike was in a million pieces (seen below)

This is a photo of a bike in pieces
Gentlemen, start your engines! (or not)

I had to hit the ground running like the god damn road runner if I had any hope in hell to get this done by the time I told work I was leaving.
Step one, steering head bearing check

Sahara Bearings
Glad I checked this before dropping a knee at Laguna Seca
Beautiful white sticky
A fresh set of roller bearings and grease, calling out to the world “please remember not to use the pressure washer this time”

After passing through the Amsterdam airport and disappointing every customs agent and gate attendant, explaining that just because I have a Dutch last name does not make me a Dutch speaker, I decided to buy their suspensions components to perhaps bridge the gap next time I came across one.

Replacing the shock
Figured it would have been orange, but I guess KTM already snagged that colour
I dont have time for this
He stares down the forks to assert dominance before beginning the work

Checked that there was no sticky goop on the idle actuator, success!

Idle actuator is clean
The benefit of buying a 10 year old bike is everyone has already torn their hair out for you

Thankfully helpful fellow rick Kit allowed me to squat in his house for the time until we left on this ride, and even helped out a little bit with bike work

Kit is working for me lol
So I can drink beer

By the end of two weeks or so of work, the bike was looking like this. The front fairing was zip tied to the handlebars and the speedo was in a plastic bag, but damned if I wasnt about to take this on a ride

Why is it orange
“If BMW saw this bike, they would take it away from you due to abuse”

After realizing that I had no way to hold my license plate onto the bike, Kit quickly offered to make me one. Perhaps still frustrated from the previous photo of me drinking beer while he works, created this:

Kits ktm lisence plate holder
“Now everyone will think you are cool”

Finally, just in time for the Shakedown Ride: I rolled this out of the garage

The batmobile
If Batman rode a motorcycle?

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