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We departed Seattle June 13, 2017 with a plan to motorcycle until the cash ran out. Click on the icons for blog posts. The red line indicates our route since we last updated, the blue line indicates the future route

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Kazakh Sunset

Flat Hot Desert v2 – Western Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

A ravenous, frustrated, but exuberant group of foreign overlanders rode off on a desert piste in the general direction of ...
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Parking Lot Camp

Running the Baku Ferry Gauntlet

By the time the Georgian-Azerbaijan border was crossed, it was past midnight on a Saturday night. Grant asked Kyle over ...
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Escaping Georgia and its Strong Arm Hospitality

Escaping Georgia and its Strong Arm Hospitality

After 5 months enjoying the warm embrace of the Republic of Georgia and its many charms, Kit and Kyle began ...
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The Holy Land and Jordan – A Smash and Grab Affair

Written by Guest Author - Chris Jones Smash and Grab We’ll jump a 4x4 over a sand dune! Smash and ...
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Three Weeks in Sakartvelo – The Republic of Georgia

Written by Guest Author - Rowen Tych Rick Quest At first I don't even recognize the car. A variety of ...
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Home Stretch - Turkey and Georgia

Home Stretch – Turkey and Georgia

Setting a speed record across Turkey Istanbul is an amazing city and probably our favorite 'big city' so far of ...
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